Saturday, 31 December 2016

CREATE the outdoor BEAUTY inside your HOME!

If you are crazy with innovative home decor and style worth considering lexy print transfer technology for your home and office. This unique and innovative technology provides a best substitute to home owners who wants to create the outdoor beauty inside their home and prefer natural look at an affordable cost.

Lexy print transfer technology allows for high resolution printing on any flat surfaces such as Granite, Marble, Tiles, Wood, Glass, Gypsum Board and PVC Sheet. This printing technology has paved the way to manufacture natural marble onyx, printed granite slab, printed wood, colorful false ceiling gypsum board and printed PVC Sheet with low production cost.

Every Consumer is searching out flooring solutions that are going to make more appeal and offer them value in the long term, having in mind that the low cost alternatives will not last long and will not wear as well. Lexy print transfer technology breaks this concept and offers the customers perfect finishes that they wish without having to pay too much to get the look and feel they want.

Through lexy print transfer technology we can print any images or photos on flat surface materials like granite, marble, tiles, wood, gypsum board, PVC Sheet and suitable for indoor flooring and wall as they blend together beautifully and therefore create a seamless pattern from one place to the another.

Not only seamless patterns and textures, we can print any concepts like carpet designs, aquarium, fish ponds, scenery, sea shore, falls, galaxy, 3d images and what we want our room will look like and create a sense of happiness and positive thinking by creating this outdoor beauty inside our home within our budget.

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