Saturday, 17 December 2016

Business Opportunity in marble/Granite/Tiles printing technology...

In an ever changing world, Building your home or office and transforming it into beautiful living place that attracts everyone with its unique and innovative look could be a serious task. Though everyone around you has ideas and suggestions, your own dream and vision will have greater impact on transforming your own place. Achieving this perfect transformation depends upon the various factors like theme color and decoration that you choose are most important, most of the people don’t give importance to the floor and wall décor.

Once upon a time people were limited to choose few floor and wall designs that comes with Tiles, Marble and Granite available in the market.

By the advent of new LEXY technology and machinery, any unique and innovative design can be printed or manufactured to synchronize with the feeling of the end user.

One of the biggest advantages of our technology is that you have to pick a design of your choice, no matter what size it is. Our technology also promises that they are not just limited to your kitchen and bathroom anymore but has a wide range of applications indoor and outdoor.

Through our LEXY print transfer technology, we can manufacture wide range of carpet tile designs, Marble onyx floor designs and classy printed granite floor design that looks long durable and water resistant to improvise the appearance of the living room.

· Manufacturing Living room Tiles/Marble/Granite Floor designs

· Manufacturing Tiles/Marble/Granite floor design for classy kitchens

· Manufacturing Tiles/Marble/Granite floor design for bathrooms to rejuvenate your senses

Advantages of our lexy print transfer technology

· Unique technology

· Simple process

· Highly cost effective

· Easy to maintain and clean

· Eco-friendly

· High quality and long durable

· Water/acid/thinner resistant

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