Thursday, 22 December 2016


Want something unique? Want something more for your floor solutions? We can translate any of your imagination into your floor. LEXY PRINTINNOVATE’S custom floor design printing technology is used for more complicated and detailed design printing. Any designs and images can be created and printed at our manufacturing facilities using our machinery and technology, delivered to the job site and inserted by the flooring contractor or constructor. LEXY PRINTINNOVATE’S print transfer technology is a first in the printing technology and we are the only company to offer this innovative service.

With our unique sequence of product platforms, you can print any design, image and texture on Marble, Granite, Tiles, Wood, Gypsum Board and PVC Sheet to make an attractive floor and wall that will help creating an experience and communicate a positive vibrations. Custom printing can also be applied in so many ways indoor and outdoor without any barriers. For more details please visit

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