Tuesday, 3 January 2017

LEXY printing technology allows for three-dimensional image or photo transfer onto any flat surface

LEXY  Printinnovate Pioneers Three-Dimensional Imaging for Marble, Granite, Tiles, Wood, Glass, Gypsum Board, PVC Sheet and so on.

Research and Development team of LEXY  has developed a low-cost Lexy Printing Technology that facilitates the transfer of any image onto regular flat surfaces within short span of time.

Lexy printing technology permits any sized image to be transferred onto Granite, Marble, Tiles, Glass, Wood, Gypsum Board and more without compromising the quality.

"This technology makes miles stone because of the very low cost of processing and the wide commercial applications. We have exported affordable Marble Stone Family Portraits and Granite Monuments for several years to western countries”.

However, the Research is on to expand this LEXY printing technology to irregular surfaces like tile slates, metals, wood, and fabrics.

Since the applications are wide and varied; clients can design and print orders for use in advertising, construction, home decor, or interior decoration. The long durable and high resolution image or photo printed surface can be used indoor or outdoor and can match just about any regular surface, creating a three dimensional effect.

"Because of the long durable surface like concrete, with the applications so wide and the Machinery and Technology cost low, our customers can design and custom order our franchisees made items completely unavailable to the market."

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Contact: Mr. Rajesh, Marketing Dept.
Mobile Number: +91 9626574745
Email Address: info@lexy.in
Web site address: www.lexy.in

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