Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Spreading happiness through good interior decoration of walls and floors

Sometimes you may have noticed that when you walk into a room and feel angry, upset or anxious without knowing any reasons.

The primary truth is colors and images that our floor and wall designs have.

It’s absolutely right. The color and image of your wall or floor have can have a great impact on your overall mental wellbeing and mood. It is proved that certain colors and images give off a certain psychological feeling in the form of magnetic waves and even induce certain parts of the brain to secret hormones in turn which makes you feel happy, comfortable, pleasing or energetic. So we should understand this concept when you are decorating your home.

Even Architects and Interior designers admit that the living space will be the primary cause for mental status. Psychologist and neuroscientist have been in research that discusses the way interior that affect our decisions, emotions and the way we feel about ourselves. Interiors such as from the way light enters the room, the colors, patterns and images we choose for our floors and walls, and even the color and texture of the furniture and interior accessories will altogether change the mood of the mind both consciously and sub consciously.

Of course, “Beauty is the Spreading of Happiness”. As we know that our living space influence our mental well being then why shouldn’t we try to create “beauty” in places where emotions, feelings inspired to communicate with us.

With our Lexy Print Transfer Technology, You can definitely spread happiness through your walls and floors by printing your favorite images or photos which gives out positive feelings or energy around the space that we are living in for mental well being and making happy living.

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