Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Change your home's interior with unique 3D PRINT TILES

Today house owners are searching for renovations and upgrades to their existing and new properties as interior design trends are becoming more popular. From redrawing a old home's layout to choosing their interior decorative materials like tiles, wood, glass to renovate their new house that fulfills its purpose and assist them to entirely change the ideal look and feel of the house, be it classic, modern, artistic and fun.

When you have decided to decor your living space using tiles for a design purpose, especially If you want to create depth sensation floor or wall tiles, 3D printed tiles with glossy or matte finishes are the perfect choice to choose the right concept tile for your dream space like kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

3D printed tiles have an amazing decorative quality and can transform a dull wall design into a visually stunning one. They can be manufactured or bought in all types of sizes and concepts, and can be arranged in endless combinations to create seamless patterns.

These 3D tiles are considered to be a unique and fast moving trend, So they are almost commonly used in residential as well as commercial spaces to boost your wall's personality.

3D printed tiles can generate a lively effect by creating the illusion of depth and movement of the printed image which creates a sense of happiness all the day. Every house owner knows that the most important thing in the house - a peace of mind and comfort. When there is an atmosphere of joy and peace of mind, you want to return home again and again. Thanks to the latest printing technologies through which 3D printing is quite feasible.

Made using the latest manufacturing techniques like print transfer technology and high quality materials, it would be the right choice for your interior decorations! For bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, 3D PRINT TILES gives the possibility to use endless imagination! Now you can transform your any living space into a underwater seascape, cartoon theme, sky theme, flower theme, fruit theme or any other three-dimensional space! It all depends on your mood of preference.

In addition to the decorative properties, 3D print photo tiles have a high degree of stability with respect to various environmental influences: heat, cold, humidity, direct sunlight, etc.

You can see some of the advantages of 3D print tiles manufactured through latest printing technology like Lexy 3D Printing Technology


  • Virtual 3D depth creation with 60 lpi
  • International grade lenticular sheets
  • Environmental friendly manufacturing process
  • It does not cause any allergic reactions
  • 3D Print Tiles absolutely no slippery, allowing it to move around freely.
  • Excellent level of waterproofing.
  • Can be used exterior or interior. 3D Print Tiles life lasts more than ten years.

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