Saturday, 30 December 2017

Let your exterior wall and floor tiles spread happiness!

While we are entering into our home, We would like to have more peace of mind, relaxation and happiness. This can be achieved through the exterior tiles decoration which creates a sense of peace, relaxation and creativity.

It is not just fair to make your interior beautiful, appealing and gorgeous with interior tiles with the favorite  designs and patterns. Exterior tiles decoration too need good care, design and patterns to keep us always in happy mood. Make your exteriors: open terrace area, outer courtyard, garden, landscaping area etc., well designed with the help of innovative printed exterior tiles collections, themes and patterns. Just like printed tiles used indoors, outdoor tiles can be printed with any designs, patterns, concepts and themes whatever you like to suit your mood.  

The printed designs, images, patterns and themes need to be attractive and durable enough in terms of quality to withstand the natural elements like extreme sun light, heavy rain, snow and heavy use or all of these. 

So you need to choose the appropriate printed exterior tiles which have the inherent quality of being strong, durable, attractive and wonderful by look and feel. 

Before choosing the correct exterior tiles you need to first understand your exterior space well. The following points to be considered
Size of the shape
Purpose of the exterior space
Will there be regular or less or heavy traffic?
Is it fully or partially exposed to natural elements?
according to your space utilization styling, purpose and atmosphere (garden area, open terrace with seating, outer courtyard, partially car parking area etc.) choose your designs, patterns, themes to print on  tiles.

Of course, “Decoration is the Window of Happiness”. As we know that our living space whether it is interior or exterior influence our mental well being then why shouldn’t we try to invite “happiness” in places where emotions, feelings inspired to communicate with us.

With the advent of innovative printing technology like lexy print transfer technology, You can definitely spread happiness through your exterior walls and floors by printing your favorite images or photos, patterns and concepts which gives out positive feelings or energy around the space that you are enjoying outside your home for making you happy living. 

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