Saturday, 11 November 2017

Digital Glass Etching

Normally glass etching are performed with abrasive, or sandblast etching - by far the most widely used method of glass etching. This is hazardous to both the environment and humankind. Here we are going to talk about digital glass etching system which is simple and completely different and alternative to sandblast etching.

This is basic and useful information about digital glass etching - what it is, how you do it, what you can make with it, why it is so popular. Here you will know about techniques, materials, equipment, designs and more. Even an experienced glass etcher can learn something new in our unique digital glass etching.

Commercial demand for etched glass products are still growing rapidly and the supply of glass etchers is still low, so prices and profit margins are high. Consequently, there are good opportunities for people to get into the glass etching business and make good money.

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