Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Print custom designs onto glass instantly

In the world of ever changing digital era, self-expression is turning into an easily accomplished task. In this article, we are depicting the features of the printed glass and how its application can inspire, visualize and distinguish any space around your home or office.

A desired solution in the interior design, furniture and decorative industries, the printed glass adds dynamism and depth to colors and seals the image to the back of the plane. The super polymer technology process prevents the printed surface from damaging, scratching or fading. Once printed with this technology, the ready glass comes with good quality and eco friendly in usage. Transferring your ideas and designs onto glass can be both pleasing and inspiring. There are no limits as to what can be printed with a small imagination.

Application By this method ensures on High Resolution Print, Fine Finish, Photo Quality, Transparent & Translucent and Processing Time 10 Mins only.

How could you feel if you can print a glass with customer’s favorite image or photo or picture within ten minutes of time and deliver it to your customer? The customer will feel happy know!

Printed glass material is a completely inspiring concept in the design of the interior decoration.

The trend of using glass with printed images in recent years has been substantially growing in the architecture industry. This unique glass printing technology opens up new possibilities for visual effects and the use of glass.

Our unique glass printing technology will help you to quickly transfer your own prints onto glass without losing the quality.

Why you keep your home or office with plain glass windows, glass doors and glass decorative when you can beautify with custom designs or any digital picture that you have available.

Mirrors, glasses and glass wall arts are just a handful of ideas that you could try for your glass printing business.

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