Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Latest Advancements in Printing Technology: Print on anything

Since the advent of the printer, continual advancements in printing technology promises us to print on anything and makes our living space modern, decorative and attractive. These advancements have taken shape in both interior and exterior applications of the decorative materials like Marble, Granite, Tiles, Wood, Gypsum Board and PVC Sheet.

Lexy introduced the world's best and unique printing technology called Lexy Solvent Print Transfer Technology. This interesting solvent based printing advancement ensures the capability of printing on any flat rigid surfaces to make it more attractive and valuable. Lexy solvent is 100% eco friendly and does not harm before and after the application process.

Until recently, only large companies bought 3D printers. Today, you can print 3D images/photos on any flat surfaces without using 3D printers at little cost. Our printing technology offers the potential to print 3D images/photos on Marble, Granite, Tiles, Wood, Gypsum Board and PVC Sheet and so on without compromising the quality. For more details please visit our website

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